Jo, author of Salad or chips

I created Salad or Chips to share tasty, nutritious and easy to follow vegan recipes

I get asked all the time this vegan eats. I can never remember which is probably why I sent you here and no, I don’t miss bacon. For those of you that don’t know me Salad or Chips is a hobby of mine. I love cooking and it felt rude not to share. It’s also good for me personally to stay checked-in to the healthier side of life. Where I was able to, I’ve adapted recipes so that can be cooked for 1. This is a great way to use up ingredients and to avoid food waste. I’ve added an ingredients tool so that you can scale up if you share your food or if you are a super organised Sunday night batch cooker.

Why Salad or Chips?

Salad or Chips started on Instagram before veganism became cool. It was my safe place to talk about plant-based food and my new food discoveries. The name was a bit of joke amongst friends, Salad and chips* are the safe(ish) option when dining out. I really, really love chips so no one ever felt sad for me while they browsed an extensive menu. Now, no chips and a small sad, limp undressed salad? that can make people feel really uncomfortable. Make sure you ask for bread.

Why did I become vegan and when?

I changed my diet thanks to a life-changing thyroid condition, although very difficult it was the catalyst for many positive changes in a few months I’d completely changed my diet, quit my job, left London for the South Coast taken up running. I had finally had the middle-aged kick up the arse (yes, it probably was a mid-life crisis?) and decided that being healthy and living longer was cool. In an effort to find the perfect diet I did my research about where my food was coming from and what impact it was having on me. I learned that it’s not really all about me after all. I found a vegan must-watch documentary list and spent an entire weekend facing up to what really happens in our food chain. By Monday, the decision was made. Becoming vegan in late 2013 is still one of the most empowering and things I’ve ever done. The only real challenge was  I wasn’t expecting the peace of mind I had from making good decisions about food. Changing a lifetimes worth of eating habits is not straightforward but if you love eating great food made from scratch you’re halfway there.

I’m proud to collaborate with Ethica Magazine as a recipes contributor.

*Sometimes people will ask if I mind that chips are cooked alongside non-vegan food. I’m sorry I can’t be that person I do mind but a girl has just got to eat sometimes.


Food Education

Fundamentals of Raw L1 – PLANTLAB Culinary, 2018
Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering L2, 2017
Nutrition for Everyday Living – CNM London, 2017

Note: I am not a doctor or dietician. I offer nutritional info on my recipes as a guide. The nutritional profile of the recipes will vary depending on the ingredients, the quality, and how your body consumes it.