Jo, author of Salad or chips

I created Salad or Chips to share tasty, nutritious and easy to follow vegan recipes

Salad or Chips started as a hobby of mine. I was often asked what I ate so I started sharing photos on Instagram and then things escalated. It also turned out that I was a terrible animal rights activist so this is my part in sharing the vegan message through the power of delicious food, of the healthy kind. There is a lot of delicious junk out there these days so to ensure I didn’t slip into that world  I became a Nutritional Therapist so when you need a break from the junk, you come straight here to me, I promise it’s just as delicious.

Veganism can feel a bit lonely when you start out but I have you covered: I’ve done the maths on the recipes for you so that they can be cooked for 1, or scaled up for party time!

Why Salad or Chips?

Salad or Chips started on Instagram before veganism became cool. It was my safe place to talk about plant-based food and my new food discoveries. The name was a bit of joke amongst friends, salad and chips were often the options when dining out. I really, really love chips so no one ever felt sad for me unless there were no chips and the salad were the limp scrapings from the bottom of a bag.

Why did I become vegan and when?

I made a lot of changes when my thyroid went into overdrive at the end of 2013. In just a few months, I completely changed my diet, quit my job, left London for Brighton and took up running. My mid-life crisis had arrived early. While I recovered from my thyroid treatment I did my research about where my food was coming from and what impact it was having on me. I learned that it’s not all about me after all… I found a vegan documentary list one Friday, by Monday, I realised vegan was the only option for me.
Changing a lifetimes worth of eating habits takes a bit of work and a change of routine but if you care about animals, your environment and yourself you got this.


Food Education

Nutritional Therapist certification – Health Sciences Academy 2020
Veganism and Nutritional Deficiencies – Health Sciences Academy 2020
Fundamentals of Raw L1 – PLANTLAB Culinary, 2018
Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering L2, 2017
Nutrition for Everyday Living – CNM London, 2017

Note: I am not a doctor, dietician or nutritionist. I offer nutritional info on my recipes as a guide. The nutritional profile of the recipes will vary depending on many factors including the quality of the ingredients and how your body uptakes the nutrients in them.