A photo of me and my puppy Missy

Back in the game, again

I’m back! I only popped out for a moment but I got distracted by life. I put career change on hold, moved to a new town, bought and renovated a flat and best of all got a gorgeous puppy called Missy! This beautiful pupper Missy is a rescue from Wild at Heart Foundation. She’s incredible, full of inquisitive energy and loves anything with a heartbeat.

My dog missy

The last time I doing lots of recipes for Salad or Chips I was in the process of retraining as a vegan chef but it went… a bit wrong!

I enrolled in a vegan chef course at CNM London (London College of Naturopathic Medicine). Unfortunately, more effort was put into a carefully worded contracts than the course. The course was so dire I left after a month and wasn’t able to get a refund, I lost a lot of money and needed a new plan…

Next up was Plantlab, an amazing vegan chef school. Cautiously, I tried an online course which I absolutely loved. I was planning to go to New York to train there. Luckily, before I’d invested the CEO helped himself to everyone’s money, ended up in Prison, the school was shut down. I didn’t lose a lot of money but I was out of funds and the signals were pretty clear not to give up the day job… yet.

Now Missy is calmer and not demanding 100% of my time I’m really happy to get back in the game, again. As I type, I’m hunkering down away from home while we wait for Coronavirus to get its ugly ass out of here. I didn’t have much time to pack so I have no fancy filming kit or backdrops but I do have my laptop, my just my trusty chef knife and my notes for all the new things to come for Salad or Chips.

Thanks for sticking with me and, if you’re new… welcome to the next chapter!


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