My experience with PLANTLAB culinary

*Update* PLANTLAB has sadly had to close. The website is still active but I’d advise against signing up for any courses.

Where the heck have I been with all the new recipes?

Firstly, apologies for being slow going with the new recipes lately. If you’ve been following my page thanks for sticking with me! It’s all been for a very good reason as I’ve been working on brushing up my chef skills. I’m very happy to say I’ve just graduated from L1 Fundamentals of Raw course with PLANTLAB. They are a world-class vegan raw and plant based culinary school.

Around this time last year, I decided to up my skills and I signed up for a Natural Vegan Chef course at CNM in London. Well, this course turned out to be a huge disappointment and I decided not to complete it. I was out of pocket and very disappointed so I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what the school are doing. I did the online course which is very well organised, structured, informative, easy to follow, the right kind of challenging and amazingly supportive. The tutors offer truly constructive criticism and genuine praise (I hope). Everything is set up so you can get going straight away. They live up to everything they say.

Am I becoming a raw vegan?

No, but I’m definitely eating more raw food! I’ve learnt many brilliant new recipes and techniques for maximising flavour, nutrition, ways to preserve and ferment foods and to make plates look amazing but I don’t think I’m ready to take on British winter with a raw diet.

What next

I’ve already planned to do another course with PLANTLAB at the start of next year. I’d like to do a Level 2 or 3 at their college in New York but for now, I’m looking forward to focusing on Salad or Chips!

A few of my creations and assignments I made during the course.
Remember they are all raw, even the bread! There was a lot of soaking, dehydrating and blending involved:

Learn more about PLANTLAB here.


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