Salad or Chips live at the Just V Show, London

Well, that was a whirlwind. Steff Bottilleni from Ethica Magazine got in touch to ask if I was free in a week’s time. Space was up for grabs in the Oumph! kitchen at Just V Show in London, 2018. It was a great opportunity to share my food with real people and not the camera. It was a great day surrounded by lots of inspiring and positive vegans!

I first met the Oumph! team when they launched their meat alternative in London a few years ago, they were a great team, great ethos and one of the few vegan brands I can get behind. I really love the Pure Chunk (genuinely no payment for any of this) as it’s only made out of three ingredients: water, soy protein and salt. This means you can add your own flavours and get a great texture for those days where you just need that bit of meat replacement in your life.

We decided on a European dish and settled on something Swedish-Italian; a nod to Oumph! roots and a wink to the urban myth that meatballs hail from Italy. After a few trials, a lot of Oumph! (and a few wines) Stef won the name game with Oumph! Vegan Sommar Polpette. Learn how to make the recipe in 3 different ways.

I also really rate Just V Show, a chance for brands to showcase, share the goods, there were lots of samples in a big space and all free of charge. Too many food shows are just selling tickets at rip-off prices for not much in return after a long time queuing. Apart from people queuing for our food… we felt the pressure 😀

There was a really great turn out and a lot of happy customers. Thank you to everyone who watched, listened, chatted and ate!

Oh, also, I had a lot of love for my Salad or Chips t-shirt. Mainly people shouting chips at me which was excellent. I also had a few enquiries about where to get one from… I promise I will make this happen when I open up my online shop in 2019.


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