Shopping: a good foundation for bad skin

The Kat Von D Lock It foundation is an absolute revelation. It’s honestly the best foundation I’ve ever had and it’s 100% cruelty-free. It’s highly pigmented (21%, if that means anything to you?) and covers everything, my skin is pretty annoying, and I need really good coverage on a bad day. This stuff is highly pigmented. In fact, it’s so thick I have to use it on top of moisturiser, and amazingly it doesn’t go shiny and slide off as soon as I leave the house. I only use one pump, no powder or primer (I’m lazy and cheap) and that is my entire face covered and generally, lasts all day. I’ve had it for 3 months and I’m only 1/5 through. I remember thinking £27 was pricey at the time but it has been a good investment. My skin is gradually getting better over time, so I’m able to use a lot less which is great. I credit the improvement to not stressing about my skin every morning.

If you can, I recommend you take the trip to find the right colour for you there are 32 shades so buying online will be a gamble. Debenhams stock it if you are based in the UK or you can buy from her store online.

**15 Feb 2018 update**
I just wanted to add that this foundation lasted just over 3 months. That’s with applying it on average once a day, in the morning. Definitely worth the investment. I’ve also since bought another colour of the Everlasting lipsticks. Both products have great staying power and are such great value for money.

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