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Vegan Runners UK group photo by Patrick Gilmartin

I joined Vegan Runners in November 2015, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my confidence in running and my recent lifestyle change; before I joined I don’t think I’d even spoken to another vegan before and look at all those guys up there^!  That photo was taken at Sundays 10k in Brighton which had 100+ club members taking part. The atmosphere that day made me stop and think of grateful I am to be part of it. A truly welcoming, positive and motivating group. I don’t get to spend much time with the club, there are loads of us here in Brighton, but work and college often take my time. I’m happy to train on my own, I love the freedom of running but as soon as there’s a race or I’m feeling really good about a run that vest is on!

It’s amazing to do races in a club vest because we really are popping up everywhere and you’ll get at least one thumbs up, a wave or a GO VEGAN shoutout from fellow runners or vegan supporters. In the starting pen of Lisbon marathon last year after my friends left me (to go to the pub) my pre-race fear was soothed by a tap on the shoulder by a local vegan runner. I could not have been happier to see that black and green vest! He was injured but was there to support on the day and thanked me for flying the flag. That’s the magic you get from a club who have more than running to unite them. It did motivate and comfort me during a very tough run, all 5hrs and 18minutes of it!

Plant and people power getting me through that finish line in Lisbon

So, I’m just here to thank the club for doing such a great job in getting everyone together and allowing me to take part when I can. I’d trialled at a couple of other clubs, but I didn’t get on with the competitiveness, this group are different, supportive and rooting for each other every step of the way. There are groups all over the country, and if you’re not a runner, make sure you look out for us and give us a cheer as we power through in our green and black.

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