Vegan Camouflage Trainers

Shopping: Wills Vegan Shoes

So Instagram tells me that it’s been a year since I bought these camouflage beauties and they are still going strong.  London based Wills Vegan Shoes are PETA approved Vegan and ethically made in Portugal.

I still get complimented on them all the time; they are obviously beautiful… instead of saying simply saying “thanks very much” I say “they are vegan!”. I really can’t help it, it’s a compulsion (did I tell you I was vegan?). It’s just the excitement of having cruelty free trainers that don’t look like they are fastened together with twine.

A lot of synthetic or faux leather (often called PU leather) shoes use animal glues in them so be careful to check all the ingredients. Don’t feel disheartened or overwhelmed by this if this is news to you. You don’t have to change everything all at once. I no longer buy anything new that is made of animal materials. Things I already had? I gave them away or made the most of them. I still have old running trainers and old Dr Marten boots that are definitely not vegan, but I have decided to wear them out and replace with vegan when the day comes to let them go. Appreciate what you have and pass it on when you are ready.

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